RES Business Partners   
Did you know that RES now has more than 50 business partners?

RES Annual Report   
Not able to make it to the Central Cluster Annual Celebration Night? See the report here!
Pictured Left to right: Mr. Tony Childers, Principal at Central Elementary; Mrs. Cherri LeBlanc, Principal at Roopville Elementary; Mr. Jared Griffis, Principal at Whitesburg Elementary; Mr. Glen Harding, Principal at Central Middle; Mrs. Dana Harman, Principal at Central High; Dr. Christi Teal, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Student Services.

Congratulations Tona Heath-RES Teacher of the Year!   
Congratulations to Tona Heath, Roopville Elementary Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Heath is beginning her 6thyear teaching at RES....
Mrs. Tona Heath

What Does Lion Pride Mean to You?   
Check out the new Central Cluster Video!
Central Cluster

2013 Reward School for Highest Perfomance!   
Once again, Roopville Elementary School is in the top 5% of all Title I schools in the state! Way to go Faculty, Staff, Parents,...